EPA and HIPAA Compliant Apple Macintosh Recycling

MacJunk will get it out of your way! MacJunk experts have provided solutions in Macintosh hardware repair, refurbishment and reconditioning. From hard drive upgrades to component replacement, MacJunk experts can offer individuals and businesses local and honest repair services.

MacJunk can also improve the efficiency of your current processes that may be outdated, such as:

Many of our recent solutions include Cloud Technology for effective file backups, sharing and collaboration, as well as the latest in popular software titles from Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe.

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Our Services

OUR TOP SERVICE: Recycling and Disposal

MacJunk will schedule a pickup of your old Apple equipment. Items with data sensitivity (hard drives or other storage media) are handled with the utmost security, following HIPAA Guidelines. Working hard drives are reformatted (low-level/zero bits) then disposed of in an environmentally-friendly method. Non-working hard drives are disassembled and destroyed to insure no data stored within them is accessible. All of our disposal is EPA-compliant.

POPULAR SERVICE: Repair and Replacement

MacJunk can act as your hardware repair and replacement resource. We pick up and diagnose the problem, then provide you with a cost for repair. (Note: Diagnosis fees are due before we travel your way to pick up the product for analysis.)

MacJunk also provides the following restorative and preventative maintenance services:

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Our Policies Policies

Repair Policies

MacJunk technicians are certified by Apple Computer.

MacJunk assumes no responsibility for the integrity of the data found on repair units. Clients are fully responsible for backing up and removing any sensitive data prior to a MacJunk repair or pickup. Due to the nature of software issues, MacJunk cannot accept responsibility for continued software issues after a MacJunk consultation, since software and software settings are always changing from continued use of the hardware. MacJunk may make recommendations on the processes and uses of a system.

Payment policies on any MacJunk repairs are as follows:

MacJunk does not cover shipping costs. Clients are responsible for the delivery of items to us, and will pay to have those items returned. All items are shipped insured to protect your items in transit back to you.

PDF Apple Service Manuals are intended for reference only and are recommended for those that have a strong understanding of the risks and tasks involved in repairing their own equipment. MacJunk cannot accept responsibility for damage to equipment or injury to clients that attempt self-repairs using our Apple Service Manuals.

Resale Policies

Each product offered on MacJunk will be described to the best of our ability, therefore, all products and parts are sold as-is. Items that are noted as known working or good operating condition will be guaranteed against DOA ("dead on arrival"). Parts that are noted as "failed" or non-working will be described as such and are made available for the purpose of salvaging smaller parts or self-repair. It is advised that each customer read a parts or product description fully before purchasing.

Privacy Policy

MacJunk will never share the information you provide to us both in your product orders or your inquiry forms to anyone else. Information provided to MacJunk is used solely to fulfill orders or reply to these inquiries.

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